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If you’ve interest in home automation but think it’s quite expensive as well as complex to execute in your home, then you should think again. No doubt, the idea of home automation may sound devastating. But, the concept has become more realistic and attainable for homeowners these days. We at Leelavati Automation Pvt. Ltd also contributed to this growth with home automation systems include security locks of doors and gates, centralized control of lighting, etc.



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what is home automation system?

The primary purpose of the home automation system is to make the operations of numerous home applications more convenient and more importantly, saves energy. With the concept of energy saving, home automation/building automation makes life quite simple these days. The system compromises of automatic controlling of all electronic or electrical devices in your home. Also, it involves controlling the devices remotely via wireless communication.

You will be glad to know that centralized control of lighting devices, audio or video systems, kitchen appliances, air conditioning, and heating and much more used in the house is possible with our smart home automation solutions.

Consumers are showing keen interest in home automation and advanced and new technologies being introduced as per recent market research, it’s demonstrated that the market of global home automation is expected to reach approximately 80 billion by 2022.

Security Control Automation

According to recent research, it’s found that the majority of homeowners consider family and personal security is one of the main reasons for installing a smart home automation system. With this approach, one can remotely check on their home from anywhere and anytime. It includes security locks, cameras, and many other secure access technologies. Ultimately, it provides great peace of mind day in/day out with a more secure house for you as well as your family.

Lighting Control

Depending on what kinds of bulbs you use, electricity cost fluctuates, but also operating life – both affect energy costs. With our timing-based automated technologies such as motion control lighting, you can set preferences for when lights turn on and off. What’s more? You can manage color, brightness and many other modes of the lighting.

Climate Control Automation

Smart thermostats are great when it comes to boosting energy-efficient as well as climate control. Home or away, day or night, you can easily manage preferences and allow the automation system to adjust the temperature as you’ve set. Also, you can benefit from other HVAC products such as air vents, humidity control systems, and much more for more comfort and reduce energy bills.

Automate Every Corner of Your Home!!

Leelavati Automation Pvt. Ltd, known as one of the best home automation dealers in Mumbai can automate every system of your home.

Water Control

There is no doubt that water consumption is a primary energy source in homes. Our residential building automation systems also come with water control management. You can automate drinking water testing for pollutants, level control for water tank, and water leakage detection. All these things helps you to stop wastage of the same.

CCTV Monitoring

Industrial processes that take place under conditions dangerous for humans are today often supervised by CCTV.Wireless cameras do not require a video cable for video/audio transmission, simply a cable for power.

Remote Access

Appliances in different locations can be remotely monitored, round-the-clock. A 24/7 service is crucial, enabling better response time and higher service levels.


  • 100% Wire-Free – Free of power cords
  • Easy To Operate
  • Easy to check system status
  • Quick Operation 

Reasons You Need To Invest

Reduce Energy Costs

With building automation concept, HVAC and other electrical systems are operating more efficiently, minimizing energy consumption as well as utility bills. A building automation system doesn’t only help to maintain the building automation with timers and sensors, but also collect data associated with the energy usage of the building that can be quite helpful

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Enhanced Comfort

A building automation system adjusts the lighting and temperature of the building and maintaining a perfect comfort level within the competence. With the enhancements in levels of comfort, a building automation system also minimizes complaints from tenants.

Boost Productivity

If you’re thinking about building automation system for your business, then one of the great benefits you’ll probably reap is enhanced productivity. The automated system doesn’t only make your employees more productive and comfortable but enables your systems to operate more efficiently, and they are less likely to break down and need repairs, which can be quite troublesome for day-to-day operations of any business.

Enhanced Security

With our smart building automation solutions, you can connect to security systems that will improve safety and provide you great peace of mind. These systems can help you monitor remotely what is going within a building and provide alerts of any suspicious activity.

Minimize Maintenance Costs

With a building automation system, a building’s devices or equipment tend to face less wear and tear and thus, last longer and need fewer repairs.

Great Investment

A building automation system can help to boost your building’s property value as most building value is linked to their net operating income. Reducing those utility costs boosts net operating income and value of the building/property.

Smart Installation

Our Turnkey Solutions

We offer complete automation packages, as well as installation of sets including two or more components. In addition to this, we also offer single device installation.

Once you decide to go ahead with your order, our technician will come for an estimate. He can advise you on any required components that are recommended for your case. After that he will professionaly install the electric device/s on a scheduled date.


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