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If you’re interested in home automation but believe it’s too expensive and complicated to implement in your home, you should reconsider. Without a doubt, the concept of home automation may appear frightening. However, the concept has become more realistic and accessible to homeowners in recent years. Leelavati Automation Pvt. Ltd. also contributed to this growth with home automation systems such as door and gate security locks, centralized lighting control, and so on.



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What is home automation system?

The primary goal of a home automation system is to make the operation of various home applications more convenient while also saving energy. With the concept of energy conservation, home automation/building automation simplifies life these days. The system includes automatic control of all electronic or electrical devices in your home. It also entails remotely controlling the devices via wireless communication.

Our smart home automation solutions enable centralised control of lighting devices, audio or video systems, kitchen appliances, air conditioning and heating, and much more used in the home.

Consumers are showing a keen interest in home automation, and advanced and new technologies are being introduced. According to recent market research, the global home automation market is expected to reach approximately INR 80 billion by 2022.


Security Control Automation

According to recent research, the majority of homeowners believe that family and personal security are important reasons for installing a smart home automation system. With this method, one can remotely monitor their home from anywhere and at any time. It consists of security locks, cameras, and a variety of other secure access technologies. Finally, it provides you and your family with greater peace of mind by making your home more secure.


Lighting Control

Electricity costs vary depending on the type of bulb used, as does operating life – both have an impact on energy costs. You can set preferences for when lights turn on and off using our timing-based automated technologies such as motion control lighting. What else? Color, brightness, and a variety of other lighting modes are all controllable.


Climate Control Automation

Smart thermostats are excellent for increasing energy efficiency as well as climate control. You can easily manage preferences and allow the automation system to adjust the temperature as you’ve set, whether you’re at home or away, day or night. You can also benefit from other HVAC products like air vents, humidity control systems, and much more for increased comfort and lower energy bills.


Automate Every Corner of Your Home!!

Leelavati Automation Pvt. Ltd, one of the best home automation dealers in Mumbai, can automate all of your home’s systems.


Water Control

There is no denying that water consumption is a major source of energy in homes. Our residential building automation systems include water control management as well. You can automate drinking water testing for pollutants, water tank level control, and water leak detection. All of these things assist you in reducing waste.


CCTV Monitoring

CCTV is now frequently used to monitor industrial processes that take place in hazardous conditions for humans. Wireless cameras do not need a video cable for video/audio transmission, only a power cable.

Remote Access

Appliances in different locations can be remotely monitored, round-the-clock. A 24/7 service is crucial, enabling better response time and higher service levels.

  • 100% Wire-Free – Free of power cords
  • Easy To Operate
  • Easy to check system status
  • Quick Operation

Reasons You Need To Invest

IOT encourages businesses to reconsider how they approach their businesses, industries, and markets, and it provides them with the tools to improve their business strategies.

Monitor their overall business processes

Periodic checking of the process variable is required in some critical applications to perform industrial operations. Automation equipment eliminates repetitive or manual operations and creates automatic working conditions.

Improve the customer experience

Manufacturing and other production processes that are automated increase production rates by producing more output for a given labour input.

Save time and money

With the use of automated machines and equipment, human intervention in process control is reduced significantly. This reduces the investment in labour costs, and thus the production cost.

Enhance employee productivity

Continuously implementing the same work may not be perfect in all cases in terms of quality specifications when performed manually. By incorporating real-time hardware control devices, automation equipment can provide consistent and reliable product quality.

Integrate and adapt business models

Various processes are handled simply and efficiently using automation equipment, particularly in manufacturing processes.

Make better business decisions

Industrial automation reduces the complexity of operating equipment or processes. It elevates the operator from the position of operator to supervisory role.

Smart Installation

Our Turnkey Solution

We offer complete automation packages as well as set installation with two or more components. In addition, we provide single device installation.

When you decide to proceed with your order, our technician will come to give you an estimate. He can advise you on any necessary components that are recommended for your particular case. Following that, he will professionally install the electric device/s on a predetermined date.

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