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Xerco - Electronic Buttons

Xerco – Electronic Buttons

These electronic buttons, Touch and Push activated, are completely solid-state with no moving parts, which allows unlimited operations with no wear.

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  • Fits into ⌀ 22.5 mm mounting standard holes
  • Stainless bezels – food-grade hygienic version available
  • No moving parts — no wear
  • 100% water tight and oil tight – IP69k
  • Shock resistant — completely potted
  • Bright optical dual-color feedback
  • Also available with enable-input
  • Also available with two inputs for individual LED control
  • Also available with IO-Link®
Touch Sensitive

Touch-Buttons determine the presence of a conductive mass – like a human hand or finger, grounded metal or liquid. As soon as a hand or finger touches the surface, the switch detects the presence and instantly indicates this event. Due to the physical non-pressure technology, these buttons are predestined for fatigue-free operation. They are not affected by loose clothing or sheets of paper, objects which accidentally activate optical sensors type.

Push Sensitive

Electronic Push-Sensitive Buttons have been developed as a complement to the Touch-Buttons series. Unlike touch buttons, these buttons respond to a slightly pressure which is applied to their illuminated surface. Due to their push activation, these buttons do not react on water or any other conductive material and are therefore ideal for the food and medical industries, car washes or similar applications.


Every button comes with one of 30+ meaningful pictograms. Custom pictograms can be made on request.

Operating Modes

All buttons, Touch or Push activated, can be supplied with one of five oerating modes:

Dynamic operation

Buttons with dynamic operation are used when a precise single impulse is required to start a process. The dynamic circuit ensures that the impulse is generated for long enough to be recognized by the machine, but no longer than necessary.

Static operation

Buttons with static operation, activate their output as long as the operator touches or pushes the button. They follow the behaviour of simple mechanical push buttons.

Toggle | Latching

Buttons with toggle circuitry, alter their output status every time they are activated. The output status remains latched until the next activation.

Combo operation

Buttons with combo circuit, can be used in static mode where the output is active if the button is touched or pushed. A fast double activation latches the button in a permanent on-mode from where it can be released by an additional activation.


IO-Link® gives the PLC access to all four operating modes listed above. Furthermore, access to all colors, including self-generated blink-patterns with variable pulse pause ratios is granted.

Note: All electronic buttons always power-up in safe (off) condition.

Supply Voltage 10…30 VDC Housing Material Brass, nickel plated
Reverse Polarity Protection built-in Ambient Temperature -20…+70 °C | -4…+158 °F
Current Consumption < 8 mA @ 24 VDC Protection Class IP 67
Output Load Capability 200 mA Switching Indicator built-in, yellow
Short-Circuit Protection built-in, self resetting Adjustment M8 fixed
Voltage Drop < 1,5 V Adjustment M8, Connector M12 Multi-Trurn Trim-Pot
. . Adjustment M2 – M30 Multi-Trurn Trim-Pot

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