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Takex / Progressive Scan Camera / Cameras - FC1650GE

Takex / Progressive Scan Camera / Cameras – FC1650GE

High-speed progressive scan camera with 1.45 megapixel CCD operating at 31 fps frame rate.
Video signal is output complying with Gigabit Ethernet in progressive scanning (non-interlaced scanning) format.
GigE Vision compliant.
12/10/8-bit digital image output (switchable).
The internal set values of the camera are externally controlled with serial communication via Ethernet.
Asynchronous electronic shutter function provides still full frame images at any timing (Asynchronous shutter mode).
2/3 inch CCD image sensor is used to attain high sensitivity.
Also the camera is suitable for the shooting in the near-infrared region.


  • Capable of image transmission over 100m without repeater.
  • Capable of capturing images on PC without an image capture board.
  • Equipped with IP engine for high-speed image transmission.
    Jumbo frame packet-compatible.
  • When the external trigger signal is input, the image is reset in random timing (Asynchronous timing) and the electronic shutter image can be obtained at a given point in time. (Asynchronous shutter mode)
  • The camera connector (6-pins) has the trigger input terminal and the strobe timing signal output terminal for high-speed random shutter (Asynchronous shutter)
  • Variant trigger modes including asynchronous shutter in H-reset mode are equipped.
  • The current setting status of the camera can be displayed over the captured image using a superimposing function that is capable of displaying text information by OSD.
  • The camera is shipped with SDK including viewer software and various sample program sources.

  • Input devise for an electronic shutter image processor
  • Appearance inspection device
  • Monitoring equipment
  • Inspection devise for electronic packaging
  • Image input devices for ITS such as car number reading
  • Input devise for image processor connected to the computer through networks.
Spectral sensitivity


Image Sensor Progressive scanning, Interline transfer CCD
2/3 inch size
Unit cell size: 6.45µm(H) × 6.45µm(V)
Effective Pixels 1392(H) × 1040(V)Square grid pattern
Read Out
Horizontal Scanning fH= 33.5 kHz
Vertical Scanning fV= 31.4 Hz
Pixel Clock fCLK= 60.00 MHz
Standard sensitivity 400 Lx at F11
Min subject illuminance 1 Lx at F 1.4
S / N Ratio 50dB or more
Video Output Progressive scanning: 31 frame/sec
Digital output: 8/10/12bit switchable
GigE Vision compliant
External Sync Input None
Electronic Shutter 1/23000sec. ~1/31sec. (No shutter)~Long exposure
Asynchronous Shutter Preset fixed shutter/Pulse width control
(H-reset ON/OFF settable for each)
Scanning Mode Normal scan (all pixels)/Partial scan (central area)
Lens Mount C mount (flange back fixed)
Optical Filter None
External Control Serial interface via Ethernet
Special Function Image signal for Auto iris lens (without Sync. 0 to 0.7V)
Function of imposing setting information over output image
Function of monitoring internal temperature of camera
Function of storing camera ID information
Power Supply DC12V±10%, 500mA (Max.)
Outside Dimension 36(W) × 31(H) × 69(D)mm(connector excluded)
Weight Approx. 120g
Dimensional Outline Drawing

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