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Reliable fuel monitoring is easy

Escort TD-150 is a high precision capacitive fuel level sensors (FLS), designed to monitor the fuel consumption, loadings, offloadings and thefts on all types of vehicles, including agricultural, construction, mining and other machinery as well as stationary deposits, tanks, generators, etc.

FLS Escort TD-150 comes with a list of the most common outputs:

Fuel level sensor Escort TD-150

Digital RS-485, frequency and analogDigital RS-485, frequency and analog.

explosion proof fuel level sensorIt is safe to use in explosive environment as confirmed by the OExiallBT6 X certificate.

certified fuel level sensorThe sensor has been certified in EU (CE and E-Mark), Eurasian Customs Union and Russia (GOST-R).

Measuring part of the fuel level sensorThe length of the measuring tubes of the sensor can vary from 15cm to 6m.

monitoring systems and fuel level sensorThe fuel level sensor is easy to configure and connect to various GPS tracking devices and systems.

Extra advantages

yesElectrical (galvanic) isolation

yesConnection status monitoring output

yesExtended analog measurement range from 0.2V to 9V

yesOperational temperature range -60/+85 °С;

yesAdvanced thermal compensation algorithm

yesWater and dust protection (IP67)

yesHighly damage-resistant polyamide body

The outputs of the device are well protected by a flexible and durable corrugated plastic.

Escort TD-150 sensor was launched on the market in 2017 as an improvement on its predecessor the Escort TD-100 model thanks to the addition of the analog output with the extended measurement range.

best fuel level sensorFLS Escort TD-150 quickly gained momentum and remains one of the most popular products highly demanded by integrators.

Fuel level sensors Escort TD: install and start saving your fuel!


Measured media Gasoline, diesel fuel
Type of output signal RS-485, frequency signal, analog signal
Resolution ability of digital output signal 0,1%
Resolution ability of analog output signal 0,25%
Frequency signal range 300…4395 Hz
Inaccuracy for measuring the level not more 1%
Characteristic nonlinearity not more 1%
Nominal power voltage 9…50 V
Power consumption, not exceeding 30 mA
Ingress protection rating IP67
Operating temperature range °C from -60 to +85

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