Carlo Gavazzi / Irrigation System / Fieldbuses – GH34404412 –
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Carlo Gavazzi / Irrigation System / Fieldbuses - GH34404412

Carlo Gavazzi / Irrigation System / Fieldbuses – GH34404412

• Module for controlling 3-wire latching valves
• 2 outputs open and close valve
• 2 inputs for e.g. pulse counting, tamper switch or status feedback
• Supplied by bus – no external power needed
• Valve closes in case of a bus fault
• Built-in charge capacitor for latch/unlatch
• Built-in gas arrestor for lightning protection
• Built-in microcontroller for correct coil-pulsing and charge monitoring
• Channel coding by GAP 1605
• H4-Housing

Product Description

The valve module GH34404412 is part of the Dupline® irrigation concept. It is designed to control 3-wire latching valves. The booster module GH34850000, which generates the 28 V Hi-Line signal, controls, and supplies up to 64 valve modules GH34404412. The GH34404412 features 2 outputs, one for open valve and one for closed valve, and 2 inputs for e.g. flow meter, pulse counting, tamper switch, or status feedback. The module has a built-in charge capacitor for latch/ unlatch coil, a built-in gas arrestor for lightning protection, and a built-in microcontroller for correct coil pulsing and charge monitoring.

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