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Hybrid Alarm Panel ESIM384

Hybrid Alarm Panel ESIM384

ESIM384 is the core product of Eldes Security System. It alerts about potential threats, home temperature changes and other. There is a possibility to enable HD video monitoring or control different home appliances!

Simple and Flexible Installation

ESIM384 hybrid alarm panel is extremely easy to set up. It contains GSM/GPRS and wireless modules, PGM outputs and wired connections on-board to save your time during the configuration. Intuitive Eldes Utility is created for installers to make installation process even faster. The system can be expanded with additional PGM outputs, wired connections and temperature sensors on demand. Explore endless possibilities with ESIM384.


Ultimate Wireless Technology

The innovative wireless technology from ELDES enables an impressive wireless range range of up to 3 km in open areas. Thick walls and multiple-store properties are no longer an obstacle, making installation of the system in residences and shops reliable and effortless.

Highest Level Protection Against Intruders

ESIM384 will immediately alert security company and home owner in case of: uninvited guests break into your premises; power outage (external back-up battery will operate up to 30 h); or a burglar tries to jam the wireless signal. The alarm panel uses encrypted two-way communication with wireless devices on 868 MHz frequency. 2x SIM cards ensures extra safety.


Make Your Home Smart

With ESIM384 you can easily turn your property into a Smart Home. Choose your preferable home automation scenarios with up to 32 different available. 4 on-board PGM outputs are available with possibility to expand them to 80*!. ESIM384 can be used to control your garage door, different home appliances, lighting, heating, lawn watering, etc. Eldes Security System is created to save time and money for the owners.

*Using on-board PGM outputs, EPGM1, EPGM8, EW2 and EWM1.

Simple Connection to the Monitoring Station

Connect the ESIM384 easily to almost any monitoring station using free EGR100 software. It supports 5 main protocols (SIA IP, Kronos, Kortex SMS, EGR100 and Contact ID). In case of alarm, security system immediately notifies user and security company to protect the property from any burglary attempts.


Complete Home Security with ELDES

Up to 144 wireless and wired zones ensures the highest level of flexibility in your home security. Use different ELDES wireless devices (fire detectors, motion sensors, various sirens, etc.) and minimize the installation time dramatically. If there is a need, you can connect third party wired devices: 2-wire/4-wire smoke detectors, motion sensors etc., or install both wireless and wired devices. Create the safest solution!

Different Ways to Control Security System

ELDES Security System can be controlled with different devices. Choose the most convenient for you and your family members: intuitive and easy-to-use ELDES Security Mobile App, wired and wireless keypads, keyfob, SMS/Calls or use automation features to arm and disarm a system.

Exceptional Video Monitoring

Expand ELDES Security system by connecting any RTSP IP camera of your choice. No limitations for a specific brand – choose what you love most. There is a possibility to add as many cameras at home as you like, to make it even safer. You can have as many cameras as your heart desires, no matter the size or type of  property you own – whether it is a small apartment, a big house or your small business premises.

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