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IoT solution package for refrigerated containers on barge is a hardware and software system which applies IoT technology to monitor power supply of refrigerated containers and generator set operation on barge. In addition to power supply monitoring on barge, this solution also is applied to monitor for cold container truck and cold container field. In this system, 3G iConnector IoT gateway connects to measurement device for current load of refrigerated containers and it transmits data to cloud server or on premise server for storing, analyzing, reporting, alarm, monitoring and managing the container power supply.
The IoT solution package assists to handle issue of faulty operation in supplying power to containers and provides reliable evidences to customer in case of spoiled goods. The package also calculates precisely transportation cost and reduces risk of spoiled transported goods. Moreover, the solution optimizes fleet coordination as well as promotes company brand name.

Anywhere, anytime monitoring

  • The system automatically collect data 24/7 and monitor from any place on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet)

Easy upgrade and expansion

  • The system could be upgraded functions, reports and expanded monitoring scope

Quick system deployment

  • The deployment is implemented through two simple steps

Investment optimization

  • The solution packages are designed to optimize cost and suitable for monitoring from few to large number of containers

Customized and specialized software

  • Software interfaces are friendly, specialized, and customized

Convenient data exchange

  • The system pushes data to third-party software via API or csv file
Measurement device for current load of container Measure current load of each refrigerated container and convert signal to RS485 Modbus RTU signal.
iConnector IoT gateway Transmit data from different current load device to cloud server or on premise server through 3G cellular network. Connect maximum 35 containers and monitor up to 70 parameters. 2MB internal memory, power 7..48 VDC, avg 200mA, IP 67 and GPS
Server Cloud server service or on-premise server to install IoT Globiots software system. Server capacity depends on total monitored parameters, number of iConnector, and expansion plan for the near future. There are 3 types of servers:
1. Daviteq’s cloud server: suitable for monitoring from some parameters to some thousand parameters, operated and maintained by Daviteq’s IoT system specialists, backup operation with high reliability.
2. Daviteq’s industrial server: industrial standard, durable, reliable, fanless server, operated in tough environment, place in any location, three types of server: NANO server for maximum 1000 parameter monitoring, MICRO server for max 2000 parameters, MINI server for max 6000 parameters.
3. Customer’s available server: suitable for a big customers, monitoring for some hundred parameters and strict security policy.
IoT Globiots software system Collect and analyze data, visualize dashboard and report, notify alarm and event. Configure remote system, iConnector, parameter, event, alarm, dashboard, report, and user authority. Send alarm, event by email, SMS. Push data to third-party software/applications using API. Basic reports as below:
1. Current power supply status for refrigerated container
2. Power supply historical report
3. Generator set operation historical report
4. Alarm, event list report during selected period

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