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LFC128-2 is a Liquid level indicating and controller for fuel tank, water tank, chemical tank, food tank…It accepts the input signal 4-20mA or ModbusRTU. With look-up table customer easily convert the level to volume value. LFC128-2 with color LCD screen 4.3 inch Resistive touch screen displays full information such as level, volume, alarm, … It has 04 relays outputs for alarming or controlling pumps/valves. Besides that, there is RS485/modbusRTU port to connect to PLC, SCADA, BMS or IoT platform for remote monitoring & controls.

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  • LFC128-2 with color LCD screen 4.3 inch resistive touch screen displays full information such as level, volume, alarm, …

Direct display of tank volume values

  • Direct display of tank volume value LCF128-2 can display tank level accurately and intuitively with a friendly, intelligent interface.

Automatic on-site control

  • With 04 output relays, enable alarm or control.

RS485/Modbus RTU

  • With RS485 / Modbus RTU port allows easy connection to PLC, SCADA, BMS, or IoT platforms for remote monitoring and control
Digital Inputs 04 x Ports, opto-coupler, 4.7 kohms input resisrtance, 5000V rms isolation, Logic 0 (0-1VDC), Logic 1 (5-24VDC), Functions: logic status 0/1 or Pulse counting (32 bit counter with max 4kHz pulse)
Analog Inputs 04 x Ports, select between 0-10VDC input or 0-20mA input, 12 bit Resolution, can be configured as Digital input by DIP switch (max 10VDC input)
The AI1 port is a 0-10 VDC / 4-20 mA level sensor connection port.
Relay Output 04 x Ports, electro-mechanical Relays, SPDT, contact rating 24VDC/2A or 250VAC/5A, LED indicators
Pulse Output 01 x Ports, open-collector, opto-isolation, max 10mA and 80VDC, On/off control, Pulser (max 2.5Khz, max 65535 Pulses) or PWM (max 2.5Khz)
Communication 02 x Modbus RTU-Slave, RS485, speed 9600 or 19200, LED indicator
Reset button For resetting 02 x RS485 Slave port to the default setting (9600, None parity, 8 bit)
Screen type 4.3″ color LCD Display with Resistive touch screen
Power supply 9..36VDC
Consumption 200mA @ 24VDC supply
Mounting type Panel mount
Terminal Block pitch 5.0mm, rating 300VAC, wire size 12-24AWG
Working temperature/humidity 0..60 degC / 95%RH non-condensing
Dimension H93xW138xD45
Net weight 390 grams

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