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Mayser / Automotive / Accessories - MAYSER BLUEFOAM® non-yellowing PUR foam

Mayser / Automotive / Accessories – MAYSER BLUEFOAM® non-yellowing PUR foam

MAYSER BLUEFOAM® is an innovative polyurethane foam which is pleasant to touch and is extremely colour-fast. These special characteristics mean the material is predestined for applications in the textile, clothing, and cosmetics industries as well as in technical products.

Some of the most important product requirements for foams used in textile applications include shape and colour retention as well as being skin-friendly. Mayser has ensured it meets these requirements with MAYSER BLUEFOAM® – its innovative development. The PUR foam on a polyether or polyester basis not only meets the strict human-ecological requirements of the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certificate (15.0.72104 Hohenstein HTTI) for products with skin contact. It is also particularly pleasant to the touch, is breathable, wash-resistant, and features particularly high colour-fastness: white stays white.

Adding special additives can give the foam additional properties, for example being temperature regulating.

Apart from textile and technical applications, MAYSER BLUEFOAM® has been further developed for medical and orthopaedic technology applications. The material needs to be biocompatible for these applications and must not have any negative impact on cell growth, i.e. it needs to be cytotoxically safe. MAYSER BLUEFOAM® passes the biocompatibility test, what is known as the “In-vitro-cytotoxicity test” according to DIN EN ISO 10993-5, making it suitable especially for applications for long-lasting skin contact.

The most recent development projects in medical technology are working towards using MAYSER BLUEFOAM® DG-T (Derma Grade) as sensor carriers, known as wearables.


  • Excellent colour-fastness (grade 5 – 6 in XENON test)
  • Micro-porous, breathable cellular structure
  • Variably configurable product properties such as elasticity and hardness, colour and surface finish as well as washability.
  • Integration of active ingredients and additives, e.g. perfumes or active carbon for odour absorption
  • Can be processed with / glued to other products in e.g. wearables
  • Can be laminated with films
  • Bonds with textiles without additional adhesive


MAYSER BLUEFOAM® is used in the Consumer, Healthcare, and Automotive sectors:

  • Comfort components for sportswear, shoe insoles, and lingerie
  • Comfort components for medical auxiliaries
  • Wearables, electronics carriers for medical and care applications
  • Covering foam for heated steering wheels

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