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Model MC2010 Compact Pressure Switch

Model MC2010 Compact Pressure Switch

MC2010 compact pressure switch is a kind of small structure and flexible use. The built-in piston is attached to a precision spring, and the expansion of spring expands varies as the pressure changes.

When the pressure reaches the set point, the product triggers the preset mechanical structure and sends a switch signal. The output of MC2010-S pressure switch is normally open and normally closed (SPDT).


  • Compact structure
  • DIN standard plug, convenient wiring
  • Wide range of measurements (optional within 0-40MPa)
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Normally open and normally closed (SPDT) output
  • Gold-plated contact and high contact rating
  • Pressure control for water, oil, and air pressure


  • Hysteresis: 20%-35%
  • Accuracy: 3% set point
  • Output: normally open + normally closed, gold-plated contact
  • Contact rating: AC24V,3A; AC125V,1A; AC250V,0.5A
  • Working temperature: -20~85℃ (-40~160℃ optional)
  • Protection level: IP65
  • Material: diaphragm: NBR
  • Piston: stainless steel piston with NBR seal
  • Process connections: stainless steel


Model Instruction

Model Overload(bar) Range of adjustment 


Accuracy Hysteresis(bar) Weight 


MC2010-02.5M 25 0.2-2.5 3% of 


20%-35% 0.1
MC2010-005M 25 0.8-5.0
MC2010-012M 25 1-12
MC2010-050S 200 5-50
MC2010-100S 300 10-100
MC2010-200S 300 20-200
MC2010-400S 500 50-400

Pressure Point Adjustment

1st step, Unscrew the nut in the middle of the Hersman with a screwdriver and pull off the Hersman’s joint.

2ed step, Adjust the pressure set point with a small wrench. Set the point up clockwise and set the point down counterclockwise.

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