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Model MC204B Differential Pressure Switch

Model MC204B Differential Pressure Switch

MC204B differential pressure switch is widely used in the HAVC system, which is based on HVAC equipment pressure drop (resistance) and performance curve of the flow.

As a flow control switch, the instrument has the advantages of accurate flow control, no additional resistance to the system, no requirement for water pipe diameter, and no disturbance from water flow. It can play the role of water flow detection and control. The instrument can also be used in other situations where gas or liquid differential pressure is controlled (such as wind pressure control and liquid level control, etc.).


  • Medium: oil / water / air
  • Contact: 5A 250VAC;
  • Output: SPST
  • Protection: IP54
  • Medium temperature: -20 ~ 100℃
  • Maximum pressure: 20bar
  • Connecting port: 1/4″SAE
  • Life: 100 thousand times


Model Switch setting Material Connection
MC204B- 03= Switch setting 3kpa, hysteresis 1.2KPa 

05= Switch setting 5kpa, hysteresis 1.5KPa

06= Switch setting 6kpa, hysteresis 1.6KPa

08= Switch setting 8kpa, hysteresis 1.8KPa

10= Switch setting 10kpa, hysteresis 2KPa

12= Switch setting 12kpa, hysteresis 2.5KPa

15= Switch setting 15kpa,hysteresis 3KPa

17= Switch setting 17kpa,hysteresis 3.5KPa


100= Switch setting 100kpa,hysteresis 40KPa

A: Brass 

B: Stainless steel

1/4” SAE

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