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Model MC20C Submersible Liquid Level Transmitter

Model MC20C Submersible Liquid Level Transmitter

Based on piezeresistive technology, model MC20C submersible liquid level transmitters are designed for gauge (relative) pressure application in liquid level measurement. These level transmitters are made from 316L stainless steel with rigid and robust construction, cable with vent hose for submersible applications. The MC20C liquid level transmitters provide amplified output signals such as 0~5 V or 4~20mA with an option of HART protocol. These transmitters can also be quipped with a 4½ digits LCD field display.
The product is compact and easy installed. It can be applied directly into the water. The protection cap with a small hole not only protects the diaphragm, but also let the liquids contact the diaphragm freely. The exquisite sealing technology as well as good assembly techniques guarantee MC20C´s outstanding quality and performance. The product has a waterproof cable with vent hose which is designed for submersible applications. MC20C is designed with IP68 protection; it is widely applied in petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, metallurgy, hydrology exploration etc.


Measuring range: 0~0.5mH2O…200mH2O
Overload pressure: 200%FS
Output signal: 4~20mA (HART protocol optional), 0~5V, 0~10V, 1~5V etc.
Accuracy: 0.25%FS (standard) , 0.5%FS(Maximum)
Load resistance: R= (U-12V)/0.02A (4~20mA current output) U-loop voltage (V)
Long term stability: <0.2%FS/year
Power: 12~36V
Compensated temperature range: -10~55°C
Material of wetted part and housing: 1Cr18Ni9Ti
Material of pressure membrane: 316L SS
Electrical connection         : M20 × 1.5
Display: digits LCD display, no display
Environment protection: IP68 (probe and cable); IP65 (housing)
MC20C-口E口A口C口D口 Submersible Liquid Level Transmitter
1、Integrated   2、Separated
Signal output
1、(0~5)VDC   2、Two-wire 4~20mA   3、0~10mA  4、User specified
1、0.25%    2、0.5%
1、Standard    2、User specified
1、No display
2、0-100% Indicator Meter
3、31/2 LCD Meter


1. Please indicate the density and the measuring range of the liquid when ordering.
2. If products are installed in more t thunderstorm areas, the order should be marked “anti-thunder”. Recommend that users should install lightning protection in the field device, and make sure goods and power ground

3. The cable should be selected 1-2 meters longer than measuring range.

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