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Carlo Gavazzi / Solid State Relays - NRGC-ECAT

Carlo Gavazzi / Solid State Relays – NRGC-ECAT

• Communication interface: EtherCAT
• Connects up to 32 RG..CM..Ns
• Supply voltage 24 VDC +/-20%

Product Description

The NRGC-ECAT is the NRG controller in the NRG BUS chain. The NRGC-ECAT interfaces directly with the main controller of the system through EtherCAT communication. The NRGC-ECAT is mainly a facilitator of the communication between the main controller and each individual RG..N solid state relay in the system. The NRGC-ECAT also performs internal operations to setup and maintain the internal bus. The NRGC-ECAT needs to be supplied with 24 VDC. LEDs on the front facade give a visual indication of the status of the NRGC-ECAT, of any ongoing communication with the main controller and the RG..Ns on the BUS chain and of any alarm condition related specifically to the NRGC-ECAT. Specifications are noted at 25°C unless otherwise specified.

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