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occy® KNX Basic Occupancy Sensor

occy® KNX Basic Occupancy Sensor

Ultra-small KNX occupancy sensor occy® KNX Basic. With digital PIR technology. 4 elegant installation options for your projects.

Ultra-small KNX occupancy sensor with quick & simple commissioning

The KNX connection is realized through the supplied MDT universal interface. Once a channel of this interface serves as a power supply for the sensor (from the KNX bus). No further power supply is required.

The second channel supplies the occupancy information. Currently, the only KNX version only supplies the occupancy output – no lux level information.

A step-by-step installation and commissioning manual is supplied with each unit.

With occy® KNX Basic you can implement occupancy sensing functions elegantly and quickly in your projects. 

Time settings (On-time after motion stops): 1 second to 6 hours.

Protection: IP20

Dimensions KNX bus interface: 41 mm x 41 mm x 12 mm

Ambient temperature: 0 bis +45°C

Scope of delivery: 

  • occy sensor with
  • installation accessories for 4 different types of installation
  • KNX universal interface (MDT)


Instruction manual/datasheet

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