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3CKOPT / Remote Control - REMOTE CONTROL

3CKOPT / Remote Control – REMOTE CONTROL

ESCORT NET SYSTEM – is a complex of equipment consisting of a device for identification number (mark) transmission and a device for data receiving (reader).

The System is meant for proximity identification of strap-on and pull-type devices, friend-foe identification, as well as identification of drivers of the car.

Enables to determine with high precision the volume of carried out work.


Agricultural machinery and towing equipment control

Agricultural machinery and towing equipment control

It is very difficult to control the work process in agro-industrial companies featuring a large number of different equipment. The total control of each implement unit is solved by using of Export NET system. It allows the determination of the implement unit attached, the corresponding width, attaching time and location, as well as the final scope of work.

The advantage of Escort NET system is the absence of connecting cables. The wireless Tag is installed on each trailer unit, transmitting its unique number via radio channel to the Reader installed directly on the vehicle itself. The reader, in turn, transmits the identification number to the monitoring unit.

In addition to the towed units, Escort NET allows you to detect the approaching of trucks to the harvesting technique or refueller. Identification by the «Friend-or-Foe» system helps to determine in which truck the fuel from the tanker was released or in which combine harvester the grain was loaded.

Loaded garbage bins inventory counting

Public utility services application: loaded garbage bins inventory counting

Tag responds to the roll-over of the garbage container, transmitting THE SPECIAL FLAG along with its identification number to the reader, then the data is sent to the monitoring unit.

With this information you will always know the location of municipal vehicle and the scope of work done. Inventory count of garbage bins is available too.

Concrete mixer truck control

Concrete mixer truck control

Escort NET system allows you to know the mixer drum rotation direction in a given period of time.

The principle of operation: Escort Radius-S Reader is installed inside the cabin next to the monitoring unit. Escort Radius-V tag is installed on the mixing drum. An accelerometer built- in the tag provides data on the drum rotation direction meaning concrete discharging/loading operations. Then data is transmitted to the monitoring unit.

Crane on a turntable operation control

Crane on a turntable operation control

Installing wire sensors to cranes with rotation mechanism is not feasible due to the difficulty of the wiring to the monitoring unit. Therefore, in such cases, we propose to use the remote control system Escort NET.

Self-powered tag is fixed on a crane boom, transmitting data about the boom position to the reader mounted in the driver’s cab. The received data is automatically sent to the GPS / GLONASS-tracker.

Refrigerated vehicle fuel control

Refrigerated vehicle fuel control

Installation of the fuel level sensors for refrigerated vehicles with cables directly to a monitoring unit is not suitable for this type of equipment due to the complexity of the assembly process and frequent cables damage practically.

In this case, we recommend to arrange the fuel control via remote data transmission. Fuel sensor transmits the information on the fuel level in the tank to slave reader, mounted on the towing part, after which the data is sent via radio channel to master reader in the cabin connected to the monitoring unit. Next, received information is sent directly to the monitoring unit.

Indoor route control

Indoor route control

The system of “Escort NET» provides the indoor vehicles monitoring.

The system is based on the principle of passing the checkpoints: wireless tags installed in each shop premises, reacts to objects equipped with reader passing by, with the aid of which you can track the object, as well as know time spent in each shop, moving and staying duration.


Working frequency of radio channel 2.4 GHz
Type of output signal Digital signal RS485 19200
Analog signal, additional in the radio bridge mode
Dry contact (ground switching) PWM
Frequency signal
Supply voltage, V 10…36
Consumed current, not exceeding, mA 50
Protection level IP65
Working temperature -60…+85
Dimensions, not exceeding, mm 90х63х32
Mass of the device, not exceeding, kg 0.5

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