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AC Variable Frequency Drive

3D drawings DWG-Data
Number of phases output: 3
Nominal output current: 2.6 A

Mains voltage 170 … 264 V
Mains frequency 50/60 Hz
Mains input 3
Number of phases output 3
Max. output frequency 600 Hz
Max. output voltage 240 V
Nominal output current 2.6 A
Max. output at quadratic load at rated output voltage 0 kW
Rated output power 0.4 kW
Relative symmetric net frequency tolerance 0 %
Relative symmetric net voltage tolerance 0 %
Number of analogue outputs 1
Number of analogue inputs 2
Number of digital outputs 1
Number of digital inputs 5
With control unit Yes
Application in industrial area permitted Yes
Application in domestic- and commercial area permitted Yes
Supporting protocol for TCP/IP Yes
Supporting protocol for PROFIBUS Yes
Supporting protocol for CAN Yes
Supporting protocol for INTERBUS Yes
Supporting protocol for ASI No
Supporting protocol for KNX No
Supporting protocol for MODBUS Yes
Supporting protocol for Data-Highway No
Supporting protocol for DeviceNet No
Supporting protocol for SUCONET No
Supporting protocol for LON No
Supporting protocol for PROFINET IO No
Supporting protocol for PROFINET CBA No
Supporting protocol for SERCOS No
Supporting protocol for Foundation Fieldbus No
Supporting protocol for EtherNet/IP No
Supporting protocol for AS-Interface Safety at Work No
Supporting protocol for DeviceNet Safety Yes
Supporting protocol for INTERBUS-Safety No
Supporting protocol for PROFIsafe No
Supporting protocol for SafetyBUS p No
Supporting protocol for BACnet Yes
Supporting protocol for other bus systems No
Number of HW-interfaces industrial Ethernet 1
Number of interfaces PROFINET 0
Number of HW-interfaces RS-232 0
Number of HW-interfaces RS-422 0
Number of HW-interfaces RS-485 0
Number of HW-interfaces serial TTY 0
Number of HW-interfaces USB 0
Number of HW-interfaces parallel 0
Number of HW-interfaces other 1
With optical interface No
With PC connection Yes
Integrated breaking resistance No
4-quadrant operation possible No
Type of converter Direct converter
Degree of protection (IP) IP20
Degree of protection (NEMA) Other
Height 141 mm
Width 72 mm
Depth 139.2 mm
Short description AC Variable Frequency Drive
Long Description AC DRIVE 230V 3PH 0.40KW SIZE1
EAN Code 8033130190985
Product Width 72 mm
Product Height 141 mm
Product Depth 139.2 mm
Package Width 195 mm
Package Height 120 mm
Package Depth 194 mm
Package Weight 1200 g
With approval according to UL Yes
Rail mounting possible Yes
Wall mounting/direct mounting Yes
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Custom code 85044082
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Configuration software RV-DriveLink setup (V1.12).zip
Drivers MC_RV-USB_Driver.zip

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