Carlo Gavazzi / Car Park “Guidnce” System – SBPVBE –
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Carlo Gavazzi / Car Park "Guidnce" System - SBPVBE

Carlo Gavazzi / Car Park “Guidnce” System – SBPVBE

• Detection of the occupancy status of outdoor parking bays.
• Autolearning algorithm identifies cars presence with more than a 99% accuracy rate in 30 days.

Product Description

The SBPVBE videobox is part of the Carpark system, which contains other variants of sensors, controllers and displays. The SBPVBE videobox uses IP cameras to detect cars parked in oudoor parking lot. A sophisticated algorithm converts the camera images into occupancy information: no sensitive data (car plate number, people’s faces, etc.) are either sent over the Internet or stored. This information will be sent to the cloud in realtime and UWP 3.0/SBP2CPY gathers it by means of the cloud.

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