Carlo Gavazzi / Car Park “Guidnce” System – SBPWSI2 –
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Carlo Gavazzi / Car Park "Guidnce" System - SBPWSI2

Carlo Gavazzi / Car Park “Guidnce” System – SBPWSI2

• Presence detections of cars in outdoor parking bays.

Product Description

The wireless sensor is part of the Carpark system, which contains other variants of sensors, controllers and displays. SBPWSIx is designed to be buried under the parking bay and it will be completly invisible. It detects the occupied/free status of the parking bays by using the earth’s magnetic field. The sensor is available in two versions according to the communication protocol: Long Range wireless/LoRaWAN® or NB-IoT. The SBPWSI1 sensor can be configured to transmits the parking bay status to the central gateway SBPCWSI1 using Long Range wireless communication or directly to the LoRaWAN® networks, while the SBPWSI2 sensor communicate directly to the NB-IoT bridges and then to the cloud.

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