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WSSFC-SMT is the modular design Sigfox wireless sensor, based on 10-year experience in design and manufacturing Industrial sensor of Daviteq Company, can be used to measure the Soil Moisture, Fertilizer (NPK) and Soil Erosion, too. With Ultra-low power design and smart firmware allow the complete Wireless and Sensor package run on a battery AA type up to 10 years. The Moisture sensor utilise the Frequency Domain measuring technique to deliver high accuracy and stable measurement of Soil moisture. The Moisture value is not affected by fertilizer content and temperature like other simple Capacitance Moisture Sensor on the market. The sensor will transmit data in kilo-meters distance to Sigfox basestation. The typical applications are Smart farm, Smart Agriculture, Automatic Irrigation System, Soil Quality Measurement, Soil Erosion Monitoring…WSSFC-SMT can support all regions of Sigfox network in over the World, RC1, RC2, RC3, RC4, RC5, RC6, RC7.

Sigfox Ready

  • Device are best operating performance on the SIGFOX network

10 Year battery

  • Ultra-low-power sensing technology from Daviteq with Ultra-low-power wireless technology allows the sensor can last up to 10 years with 02 x AA batteries


  • Sensors are pre-calibrated at the factory for quick installation

High Accuracy & Stable

  • Utilize advanced technology, Frequency Domain Reflectometry to deliver high accuracy and stable measurement of Soil Moisture, not affected by Fertilizer contents and Temperature like the simple Capacitance Moisture Sensor on the marker


  • Ingress Protection IP68 allow sensor can be buried in the soil for long time
Moisture, EC & NPK Sensors Advanced technology – Frequency Domain Reflectometry, Pre-calibrated at factory
Moisture range / accuracy / resolution 0 .. 100 %, acc +/- 3.0% , res 0.01%
Temperature range / accuracy / resolution -30 .. + 70 oC, acc +/- 0.3 oC, res 0.1 oC
EC range / accuracy / resolution 0 .. 20 mS/cm, acc +/- 2.0% span, res 0.1 mS/cm
NPK Measuring range 0 .. 1999mg/kg
NPK Measurement accuracy & Resolution Acc ±2 %FS, res 1 mg/Kg(mg/L)
Response Time < 1s
Measurement Volume Dia. 70mm x Height 70mm
Wetted materials 316L SS & thermoplastic
Sensor Dimensions 71x45x16mm with probes 70mm and signal cable 2m
Optional Soil Erosion Sensor Clinometer type, ± 90° of XYZ, 0.03o resolution, 1Hz max sampling rate
Soil Erosion Probe Dia. 10mm x Length 300mm with signal cable 2m, SS304 material
Sigfox zones select RC2-RC3-RC4-RC5 or RC1-RC6-RC7
Antenna Fixed external Antenna 2.67 dbi
Battery 02 x AA Type 1.5 VDC, working time up to 10 years (depends on configuration), extendable by external battery box or power supply
RF Module complies to CE, FCC, ARIB
Working temperature -40oC..+60oC (with AA L91 Energizer)
Dimensions H106xW73xD42 (Wireless part only)
Net weight 190 grams (Wireless part only)
Housing Aluminum + Polycarbonate plastic, IP67.

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