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Takex / Line Scan Cameras / Cameras - TL-16K5CL

Takex / Line Scan Cameras / Cameras – TL-16K5CL

High-resolution and High-speed
Various video output combinations are achieved by selecting the transmission clocks such as 85/80/50MHz according to the system.
Features 2 line, 16,372 pixel CMOS linear image sensor
38.8kHz scan rate.
Camera Link Full Configuration output with 85 MHz/8TAP data rate


  • The large 5μm square pixel size sensor enables to obtain high-sensitivity and high-definition images.
  • Equipped with Global shutter function and FFC function.
  • Small and lightweight product with unique design
  • Doubles the sensitivity by using 2 line TDI mode.

  • Input device for pattern inspection instruments
  • Inspection device applications for silicon wafers and LCD panels
  • Measuring equipment such as appearance inspection device or dimensional measurement device
  • Input device for sheet surface inspection systems
  • Image input device for high definition image inspection
  • Data entry device for image processing units employing computer
Spectral sensitivity



Type TL-16K5CL
Image sensor Monochrome
Global shutter
Number of pixels 16,372 × 2Line
Line pitch 10μm
Pixel size 5µm×5µm
Photo array length 81.92mm
Data rate Full 85MHz×8Tap
Scan rate 38.8 kHz
Line transfer pulse input 25.8 µsec (Min)
Digital video output Camera Link
Saturation exposure 25 ke- (typical value)
Dynamic range 65dB (on the element)
Flange back 9.4mm
Power supply +12V±0.5V (0.8A or less)
Lens mount M95,P=1mm
Operational ambient temperature 0℃~40℃ (with no icondensation)
External dimension 110(W)×118(H)×32(D)
Weight 750g or less
Dimensional Outline Drawing

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