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Takex / Line Scan Cameras / Cameras - TL-16KACL

Takex / Line Scan Cameras / Cameras – TL-16KACL

The TL-16KACL inherits the specifications of the conventional model TL-16000CL, and has additional specifications the binning mode and the switching function of clock speed.
Approximately twice the sensitivity is achieved by the vertical binning function.
Since the configuration of the Camera Link (Base / Ful l Conf igurat ion) and a clock speed (85/80/40MHz) can be selected, it is possible to set a suitable video output format for the system.
Since this model inherits the external dimentions and other specifications of the conventional model, it is easy to replace.
Industrial digital Line scan camera equipped with CMOS image sensor which has linearly arranged 16,000 photodiodes.
High-resolution and High-speed CMOS Line Scan Camera featuring 16,384 image pixels, 40/35 kHz scan rate and 640 MHz data rate.


  • Since various models of capture boards from board manufacturers can be connected, it is easy to get high-precision images from the camera.
  • 3.5μm square pixel size provides high-definition images.
  • Equipped with Global shutter function and FFC function.
  • Anti-blooming function is incorporated.
  • Clear image data is obtained by the small difference of the characteristics of the odd and even-numbered pixels.
  • Dark current correction circuit helps to obtain stable images even when the ambient temperature changes.
  • DC 12V single power operation
  • Reduction in size and weight is realized by original design.

  • LCD panel inspection equipment applications
  • Image processing device for image inspection
  • Measuring equipment such as appearance inspection device or dimensional measurement device
  • Surface inspection device for sheet-like object
  • High-resolution pattern inspection instrument
  • Data entry device for image processing unit employing computer
Spectral sensitivity



Type TL-16KACL
Image sensor Global shutter
Number of pixels 16,384
Pixel size 3.5µm×3.5µm
Photo array length 57.344 mm
Scan rate
(Data rate)
Full 40kHz(85MHz×8TAP)
Full 35kHz(80MHz×8TAP)
Full 17.5kHz(40MHz×8TAP)
Line transfer pulse input 25µsec (Min)
Video output
(Digital output)
8bit Full Configuration
Sensitivity gain1=1.2, gain2= 4.8 DN/nj/cm2
Saturation exposure 23 ke- (typical value)
Dynamic range 60dB (on the element)
Output ununiformity 10% standard at 50% of saturation output
Power supply +12V±0.5V (0.6A or less)
Operational ambient
0℃~40℃ (with no condensation)
Operational humidity range 85% Max
Storage temperature range -10℃~65℃ (with no icing or condensation)
Weight 720g or less
External dimension 100(W)×100(H)×34(D)mm
Lens mount M72, P=0.75mm
Additional function FFC compensation
Vertical binning , averaging
Switchable clock speed
Dimensional Outline Drawing

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