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Takex / Line Scan Cameras / Cameras - TL-7400FCL

Takex / Line Scan Cameras / Cameras – TL-7400FCL

The TL-7400FCL is an industrial line scan camera equipped with CMOS image sensor which has linearly arranged 7,400 photodiodes.
High-speed and high-resolution CCD Line scanner with CCD image sensor featuring 7400 pixels and 12.7kHz scan rate.
Outputs in 2 × 8/10 bit digital data format complying with the Camera Link standard. (Base configuration)
Gain, offset and output format (8/10 bit) can be controlled by the communication command (RS232C) from the capture board.


  • FFC function is installed. (FFC: Flat Field Correction is a function to coordinate  the wave pattern irregularity with a lens and the sensor element flatly.)
  • Since various models of capture boards from board manufacturers can be connected, it is easy to get high-precision images from the camera.
  • Simplified exposure control feature provides the output of the constant image level against fluctuations of the period of the external rotary encoder signal.
    (At the scan rate lower than 6.3 kHz)
  • DC 12V single power operation
  • Small and lightweight

  • Inspection equipment for liquid crystal panel
  • Image processing device for image inspection
  • Measuring equipment such as appearance inspection device or dimensional measurement device
  • Surface inspection device for sheet-like object
  • High-resolution pattern inspection instrument
  • Data entry device for image processing unit employing computer
Spectral sensitivity


Image sensor CCD
Number of pixels 7,400
Pixel size 4.7μm × 4.7μm
Photo array length 34.8 mm
Data rate 100 MHz (Max)
Scan rate 12.71 kHz
Line transfer pulse input 79μsec (Min) 100 Ω terminated
Video output
(Digital output)
Base Configuration
2 × 8/10 bit
Sensitivity 50 V/lx.sec
Saturation exposure 0.13 lx.sec (on the device)
Dynamic range 2000 (Typ.On thesensor spec.)
Output ununiformity 3 % standard at 50 % of saturation output. (on the element)
Power supply +12 V ± 0.5 V (600 mA)
Operation temperature range 0 to 40ºC (with no condensation)
Operation humidity range 85 % Max
Storage temperature range -10 to 65ºC (with no icing or condensation)
Weight 360g or less
External dimension 64 (W) × 64 (H) × 80.3 (D) mm
Lens mount F mount (Standard)
K mount (Optional) 


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