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Datalogic /Mark Sensors / Photoelectric Sensors / Sensors - TL50

Datalogic /Mark Sensors / Photoelectric Sensors / Sensors – TL50

TL50 contrast sensor is recommended where a cost reduction is requested, without compromising the detection performances, such as RGB LED emission, 33ms response time and 15kHz switching frequency.
The standard factory warranty is three years.


Description Part Number
CS-A1-02-G-03 = M12 4-p axial 3m 95A251380
CS-A1-02-G-05 = M12 4-p axial 5m 95A251270
CS-A1-02-G-10 = M12 4-p axial 10m 95A251390
CS-A1-02-O-05 4 p.diritto 5m CEI 2034-01 95A251710
CS-A1-02-O-10 4 p.dritto 10m CEI 2034-01 95A251090
CS-A1-02-R-05 = M12 4-p axial 5m PUR 95A251560
CS-A1-02-U-03 4 poli dritto 3m UL 2464 95ASE1120
CS-A1-02-U-05 = M12 4-p axial 5m UL 2464 95ASE1130
CS-A1-02-U-10 = M12 4-p axial 10m UL 2464 95ASE1140
CS-A1-02-U-15 = M12 4-p axial 15m UL 2464 95ASE1150
CS-A1-02-U-25 = M12 4-p axial 25m UL 2464 95ASE1160
CS-A2-02-B-NC 90° CONN.M12-4P.FEMALE G5085003
CS-A2-02-G-03 = M12 4-p radial 3m 95A251360
CS-A2-02-G-05 = M12 4-p radial 5m 95A251240
CS-A2-02-G-10 = M12 4-p radial 10m 95A251260
CS-A2-02-O-05 4 poli 90° 5m CEI 2034-01 95A251690
CS-A2-02-O-10 4 poli 90° 10m CEI 2034-01 95A251700
CS-A2-02-R-02 M12 4-poli 90° 2m PUR 95A251550
CS-A2-02-R-05 M12 4 poli 90° 5m PUR 95A251570
CS-A2-12-G-03 4 poli 90°+led 3m grigi 95A251400
CS-A2-12-G-05 = M12 4-p radial 5m LED 95A251350
CS-A2-12-G-10 = M12 4-p radial 10m LED 95A251370

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