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Takex / Line Scan Cameras / Cameras - TLC-7300UCL

Takex / Line Scan Cameras / Cameras – TLC-7300UCL

The TLC-7300UCL is industrial use digital line scan camera using the CCD linear image sensor.
RGB × 7, 300 photo diodes are located lineally in the package of the sensor.
The video signal is output is compliant with Camera Link (Base / Medium Configuration) in 8-bit resolution.
The high speed operation at 120MHz data rate (Medium configuration mode) and 80MHz data rate (Base configuration mode).
Easy to control data rate, gain, offset and balance of odd/even pixel via serial communication through the capture board.


  • High-resolution image processing system can be built by connecting the various capture boards of each manufacturer.
  • High S / N images are obtained with 10 micron square size sensor.
  • Simplified shutter speed control function provides stable constant image output regardless of a change in a period of the external encoder pulse input.
  • Equipped with Color gap correction function.
  • Equipped with FFC function.
  • Equipped with White balance function.
  • Possible to get stable video signal despite a change of ambient temperature, as the dark current correction circuit is incorporated.
  • Operation with a single DC12 power source
  • The small and lightweight product by original design

  • Image processing device for image inspection
  • Inspection equipment for liquid crystal panel
  • Application for inspection of high-density printed circuit boards
  • Surface inspection device for sheet-like object
  • High-resolution pattern inspection instrument
  • Data entry device for image processing unit employing computer
Spectral sensitivity


Number of pixels 7300 × 3 line
Pixel size 10μm × 10μm
Photo array length 73 mm
Data rate 80 MHz (RGB) 60MHz × 2 (RGB)
Scan rate 10 kHz 15 kHz
Line transfer pulse input 100 μsec (Min) 66 μsec (Min)
Video output 8 bit
Base configuration
8 bit
Medium configuration
Sensitivity 50 V/lx.sec (at Gain setting 1)
Saturation exposure 0.19 lx.sec (on the element)
Dynamic range 250 (on the element)
Flange focus 28.8mm
Output ununiformity 10% standard at 50% of saturation output(on the element)
Power supply +12 V ± 0.5 V (1.5A or less)
Operational ambient temperature 0ºC to +40
Operational humidity range 85 % MAX
Storage temperature range -10ºC to +65ºC
Lens mount M80, P=0.75mm
External dimension 108(W) × 110(H) × 55.5(D)mm
Weight 720g or less
Dimensional Outline Drawing

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