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Takex / Line Scan Cameras / Cameras - TLC-7500CLD

Takex / Line Scan Cameras / Cameras – TLC-7500CLD

TLC-7500CLD is the Industrial Digital Color Line Scanner employing CCD linear image sensor with three lines of linearly arranged 7,500 photodiodes.
The photodiodes are scanned at a rate of 50MHz (0.02µsec) each and scanned data are output as video signals. The scanning time per line is 160µsec.
8 or 10bit digital video output complying with Camera Link (8bit: Base configuration, 10bit: Medium Configuration)
GAIN, OFFSET and 8/10 bit format can be easily adjusted by serial communication command.


  • The equipment operates with a single DC12V power source.
  • The pixel size is large enough (9.325µm) to obtain high S/N images.
  • Dark current correction circuit helps to obtain stable images even when the ambient temperature changes.
  • The color gap correction function is equipped.
  • Despite the periodic fluctuation of input pulse of the external encoder, stable images can be obtained thanks to simplified exposure control function.
  • The shading correction function is equipped.

  • Image processing device
  • Appearance inspection device
  • Surface inspection device for sheet-like object
  • Data entry device for image processing unit employing computer

Number of pixels 7500 × 3
Pixel size 9.325μm ×9.325μm
Photo array length 69.9 mm
Data rate 50 MHz (for each RGB)
Scan rate 6.25 kHz
Line transfer pulse input 160μsec (MIN)
Video output 8 bit: Base configuration
10 bit: Medium configuration
Sensitivity 50 V/lx.sec
Saturation exposure 0.05 lx.sec (on the device)
Dynamic range 500 (Standard, Device)
Output ununiformity 3 % standard at 50 % of saturation output.
Power supply +12 V ± 0.5 V (600 mA)
Operation temperature range 0ºC to +40
Operational humidity range 85 % MAX
Storage temperature range -10ºC to +65ºC
Weight 720g or less
External dimension 120 (W) × 120 (H) × 56.3 (D)
Lens mount M72, P=0.75mm
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