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Ultrasonic Generator

Ultrasonic Generator

Alstron Ultrasonic generators offers a full line of ultrasonic power with various frequency to choose ,ranging from 20khz to 170Khz , These microprocessor base generators incorporating our phase lock loop technology with auto track and auto adjustment optimizing output matching with the transducers . The sweeping function allows the system to sweep within a range of frequencies moving the standing wave thus preventing any dead zone and prevent damages for delicate materials .

The generator also has a perfect built in over-temperature and over-current protection for more reliable operation . 60min timer or infinity operation allows for user preset operation as well as PLC remote on/off operation. With our digital power adjustment, user can adjust the required power for heavy soil parts or soft delicate parts with precise adjustment.

Stainless steel SS304 cover for use in hash environment
Adjustable, Digital timer for ultrasonic duration control
Adjustable Ultrasonic Power Intensity
Sweeping function
PLL technology with Auto frequency tracking and adjustment
Used with Alstron Ultrasonic system or other ultrasonic makers ultrasonic transducers
Back up by Alstron professional service support and warranty

28 ~ 40 kHz Ultrasonic Generator Model Specification



28 kHz 


33 kHz 


40 kHz 


Temp Control
300 AHG-28300 AHG-33300 AHG-40300 No
AHG-28300-H AHG-33300-H AHG-40300-H PT100
600 AHG-28600 AHG-33600 AHG-40600 No
AHG-28600-H AHG-33600-H AHG-40600-H PT100
800 AHG-28800 AHG-33800 AHG-40800 No
AHG-28800-H AHG-33800-H AHG-40800-H PT100
1200 AHG-281200 AHG-331200 AHG-401200 No
AHG-281200-H AHG-331200-H AHG-401200-H PT100
1500 AHG-281500 AHG-331500 AHG-401500 No
AHG-281500-H AHG-331500-H AHG-401500-H PT100
2000 AHG-282000 AHG-332000 AHG-402000 No
AHG-282000-H AHG-332000-H AHG-402000-H PT100
2400 AHG-282400 AHG-332400 AHG-402400 No
AHG-282400-H AHG-332400-H AHG-402400-H PT100
2800 AHG-282800 AHG-332800 AHG-402800 No
AHG-282800-H AHG-332800-H AHG-402800-H PT100
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