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Wireless Ambient Humidity & Temperature Sensor is a combination of wireless sensor transmitter WS433-M12F and sensor ATH, it utilises Digital capacitance humidity sensor to deliver high accuracy and stable measurement. The wireless portion is Sub-GHz technology from Texas Instruments allows long range transmission at ultra-low power consumption. It will connect 2-way wirelessly to the wireless co-ordinator WS433-CL to send data and receiving the configuration. It can be configured the operation parameters like data sending interval, health check cycle…remotely from Globiots platform or via ModbusRTU software (thru the WS433-CL). Its default data rate is 50 kbps, can be switched to 625 bps to increase the communication range. It can last up to 10 years with a single AA battery. There are a lot of applications as environment monitoring for office, warehouse, data center, hospital, agriculture…

Reliable & Secured Wireless Connection

  • Sub-Ghz technology from Texas Instruments allows reliable wireless connection and secured data by AES-128

10-year with a single battery

  • Ultra-low power sensing technology from Daviteq with Ultra-low power wireless technology fromTexas Instruments allow the sensor can last up to 10 years with a single battery AA.

High accuracy

  • Digital sensor with factory-calibration

Sintered Filter

  • Alloy sintered filter to protect sensor in hash environment
Sensor Digital type, factory calibrated, output both Humidity & Temperature values
Humidity measuring range & accuracy 0 .. 100 %RH, +/- 2.0%
Humidity resolution 0.1%
Temperature measuring range & accuracy -40 .. + 85 oC, +/- 0.2 oC
Temperature resolution 0.1 oC
Sensor Filter 20um Alloy sintered filter
Electrical connection M12-male connector
Data speed Up to 50kbps
Tranmission distance, LOS 1000m
Antenna Internal Antenna
Battery 01 x AA 1.5-3.6VDC, up to the 10-year operation, depends on the configuration
Frequency Band ISM 433Mhz, Sub-GHz technology from Texas Instrument, USA
International Compliance ETSI EN 300 220, EN 303 204 (Europe) FCC CFR47 Part15 (US), ARIB STD-T108 (Japan)
Vietnam Type Approval Certification QCVN 73:2013/BTTTT, QCVN 96:2015/BTTTT (DAVITEQ B00122019)
Security Standard AES-128
Operating temperature of PCB -40oC..+60oC (with AA L91 Energizer)
Housing Poly-carbonate, IP67
Installation method L-type bracket SUS304 , by M4 screws or double-sided 3M tape (included)
Product dimensions & weight 125x30x30mm, < 60g (without battery)
Box dimension & gross weight 190x50x50mm, < 100g

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