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Eldes / Outdoor Sensors - Wireless Curtain Sensor EWC1

Eldes / Outdoor Sensors – Wireless Curtain Sensor EWC1

EWC1 contains an innovative PIR and microwave sensors, precisely senses motion, immediately alerts the user in case of intrusion.

1 – 2 – 3 and your home is completely safe!

Please welcome the curtain motion detector manufactured by our Europe partners, which is improved with ELDES wireless technology. You can easily add this device to your ELDES security system thus extending the security of your property from the outside. The device has PIR and microwave sensors included, that is why it detects any motion and immediately alerts you in case of the first signs of intrusion. Enjoy even greater security of  your property by extending your security system with this outdoor motion detector and easily control it with ELDES Security App.

Easily adaptable to any exterior

Everyone’s needs are different, so it sometimes takes time to choose the home exterior finish that meets your expectations. That is why you can choose your curtain detector based on the color of your window frame or exterior house walls. We have two options – traditional white and dark brown. By choosing the device of the right color, you will perfectly fit it into the exterior of your home!


Exceptional performance

ELDES wireless technology enables users to reach an impressive wireless range in open areas. Thick walls and multiple-store properties are no longer an obstacle. Curtain motion detector is made of waterproof material, which makes it resistant to any weather conditions or temperature changes. To keep your home even more secured, it is also very important to mention that the device has a very narrow curtain barrier (~7.5°), also the covered area is adjustable up to 12 m. Such flexibility helps to keep your home even more secured.

No unexpected guests

You can feel at ease knowing that your curtain detector precisely senses the first steps of intruders. You or a security company can be immediately alerted about the potential danger when PIR and microwave sensors are triggered. This curtain detector is designed to expand the security system’s capabilities and secure your property even if the windows are opened 24/7.

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