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Eldes - Wireless outdoor siren EWS4

Eldes – Wireless outdoor siren EWS4

Louder, stronger and bigger siren that emits the sound and LED lights to notify about the danger. Larger product size meets the market demand and ensures complete safety of a property.

Simple and flexible installation

The installation of siren has never been easier:

  1. Connect EWS4 to Eldes security system,
  2. Select where to place it,
  3. Attach the siren on the wall and it’s ready to use!

If you seek for more reliability, power up the EWS4 via wire.


Exceptional performance

You will no longer have to make an effort looking for the best wireless connection strength. EWS4 contains innovative wireless technology which reaches an impressive range of up to 3 km in open areas. Improved battery life time ensures you won’t have to climb the ladder for up to 5 years. The siren is also resistant to rain, temperature changes and dust.

Additional safety for home

In case of danger detection, EWS4 makes an ear-splitting 104-110 dB noise which deters the burglars and warns the whole neighbourhood. The siren contains bell squawk and bright LED lights to inform about status of security system.


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