Brand Carlo Gavazzi
Rotor Black painted Stainless Steel
Measuring range 2 to 30 m/s
Voltage 10 to 28 V DC
Housing PVC
Brand Carlo Gavazzi
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We are the supplier, dealers, traders, Importers, exporters & distributors of Carlo Gavazzi make Cup Anemometer , PVC Housing , Rotor of black painted Stainless Steel.

1) Anemometer with opto-electronic detection
2) Measuring range: 2 to 30 m/s
3) PNP and NPN open collector outputs in the same unit
4) Current source outputs
5) 10 to 28 VDC supply voltage
6) All inputs and outputs are protected against reversepolarity and transient
7) High ESD protection
8) Built-in heater
9) Dust sealing

Model No: DWS-V-DAC13


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