Anti Crane Collision Sensor

Accuracy 0.1 m
Voltage 220 V
Sensor Type Anti Crane Collision
Detection range 0.3 m to 5 m
Detection angle 60 degree
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We offer Anti Crane Collision Sensor for two overhead cranes on the same rail. These units are installed on two cranes on the same rail approaching each other. With these units, the two cranes on the same rail will never collide with each other & thus the damage caused due to collision can be saved. The minimum distance in between two cranes will always be maintained, and the cranes will be able to move away from each other but not closer.

The unit has inbuilt Infra Red Transmitter & Receiver along with other processing circuit and power supply. It works on 110 VAC and 220 VAC supply and offers potential free relay contacts. These contacts are interlocked with the contactor for the direction of motion towards each other. Set consists of a control unit and a reflector. Control unit is fixed on one Crane and the reflector on the other crane opposite to the control unit. The same way another control unit should be fixed on the second crane and it’s reflector on a first crane, opposite to each other. Make sure that both the control unit should not be placed opposite to each other. Alignment of both the units is necessary, as the rays transmitted by the Transmitter will be reflected back by the Reflector. A Laser Alignment Tool is provided for perfect alignment of the control unit and reflector.

The reflected beam will be picked up by the receiver when both the cranes come closer. When the two cranes come within the range, the moving crane will be stopped immediately. This range can be adjusted for a single set point, as required. For two set points, one can be adjusted to get an alarm at the required distance and another can be set to stop the crane at the required distance.



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