DC/DC converter for Electric & Hybrid vehicles

Major Features

  • Other major features are short circuit protection, current limit, IP67/IP6K9K protection class & CAN 2.0B interface. Uni & bi-directional conversion with full isolation is assured. DC/DC Full isolation assures maximum personal protection. Suitable for parallel operation up to 4 units with Active Current Sharing.


    • All types of Hybrid & Electrical vehicles viz. Cars, bus, mini van, pick up truck, fork lift & heavy duty trucks.


DC-DC converter converts DC voltage level by storing the input energy temporarily and then releases that energy at different voltage output. We offer converters from 1.5 kw to 10 kw range with wide input (200 to 900 V DC) and adjustable output ( 12 to 30 V DC) range. These converters are designed for high power density & efficiency even at wide operating temp range. Option of liquid or air cooling is available.


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