Power Source 16-24V
Relative Humidity 0-90 percent RH


  • SIM384 – micro-controller based alarm system for houses, cottages, country homes, garages, and other buildings, also capable of managing electrical appliances via cellular GSM/GPRS network. It can also be used as an Intercom system.

    Examples of using the system: 
    • Property security.
    • Alarm switch.
    • Thermostat, heating and air-conditioner control, temperature monitoring.
    • Lighting, garden watering, water pump and other electrical equipment control via SMS text messages.
    • Remote listening to what is happening in the secured area.
    • Mains power status notification by SMS text message.
    • Two-way intercom device via GSM network.

    Additional Information:

              Item Code: eldesESIM384


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