Electronic Speed Governor for diesel & gas engines

Major Features:

  • Great flexibility to match Dynamics of a wide range of engine applications.
  • Independent GAIN & STABILITY adjustments.
  • Closed PID Loop. EMC compliance.
  • Starting fuel limiting and speed ramping to limit Exhaust smoke during start-up.
  • Analogue & Digital option.
  • Versatile modes – Isochroous, Droop, Single, Parallel.
  • Over speed protection and Crank termination.
  • Very fast acting electronics to provide optimum performance (30 to 75 ms response time).


  • Generating set – fixed speed & variable speed
  • Pumps, compressor
  • Marine propulsion
  • Locomotive
  • OFF Highway vehicles


GAC is a leading supplier of Electronic governors for worldwide engines. GAC governors are suitable for Diesel & Gas engines in the power range of 5 hp to 1700 hp. Major Engine Manufactures in India viz. Kirloskar, Cummins, Greaves use GAC governors. GAC governors are well proven for harsh Indian atmospheric conditions. Madhura is Exclusive distributor for Governors America Corporation (GAC), USA for India.


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