Electronic Throttle Controls for Diesel, CNG, Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

Major Features :

  • No moving parts hence less wear & Tear
  • Less maintenance, Precise speed variation/control
  • Operating parameter monitoring through CANBUS
  • Smooth operation of vehicles/equipments
  • Various programmable single/dual channel outputs: Analog with Idle Validation switch(IVS), PWM, 4 to 20 mA current


MCS – Belgium make Electronic Throttle Controls for ON-Road & OFF-Road vehicles viz Buses, Trucks, Vans, Excavators, Dumpers, Cranes, Backhoe Loader etc. The products offered are with latest technology viz. Hall Effect Sensor, Programmability, CAN BUS & Redundant controls. Products are compact in size and main parts are made in die cast Aluminum or injected polyamide. MCS products are universally tested & used. All products are made in Belgium and USA plant.


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