Falcon : Industrial Doors Sensor

Degree of protection IP65
Brand BEA
Material ABS and polycarbonate
Technology microwave doppler radar
Supply voltage 12V to 24V AC/DC
Output relay
Mounting height FALCON 3.5 m to 7m,FALCON XL 2 m to 3.5 m
Detection zone FALCON 4 x 5 m,FALCON XL 4 x 2 m
Detection mode motion
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  • The FALCON is a unidirectional motion sensor optimizing the performance of automatic doors. The FALCON detects every type of target and can filter people. Detecting vehicles only allows to reduce the door closing cycle by rejecting cross-traffic. Mounted at 7 m the FALCON has a detection field of 4 x 5 m. At 3.5 m, the FALCON XL detects in an area of 4 x 2 m.


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