HOTSTART – Hotflow Engine Heaters

Major Features

  • HOTflow engine heaters feature an integrated pump that circulates warm coolant throughout the entire engine at uniform temperatures. Constant circulation of the coolant eliminates hotspots that can deteriorate heater hoses, harm engine seals and diminish coolant life. HOTflow heaters rely on fewer heating cycles – saving up to 2000 kilowatt-hours per year in energy consumption while extending heater element life and reducing maintenance work.
  • > UL-C/US listed (60Hz models) E250789CE
  • > CE compliant (50 Hz models)
  • > Controls for automatic operation
  • > Compact design
    • > Easy to install


  • HOTflow model CSM was developed to preheat diesel and gas engines for
  • stationary land power, marine, large mining and construction equipment.


HOTSTART (former KIM HOTSTART) is a world leader in the development and implementation of engine heating solutions with 65 years experience and original patent for engine coolant heating. The HOTSTART product range covers Tank style engine pre heaters, Hotflow engine heaters,In-block heaters, Forced circulating heating systems, Oil heaters, Engine Air inlet heaters & Heating systems for Locomotives.


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