Inductive Analog Output Analog Inductive Sensor

Power supply 10 to 35 VDC
Output 0 to10 V,0 to 20 mA,4 to 20 mA
Housing Nickel-plated brass
Protection Thermal Overload Protection
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Sensor Type Inductive Analog Output
Output Type Analog
Connections Type Cable,Connector
Shape Cylindrical
Brand Carlo Gavazzi,Selet,Xecro
Protection degree IP 67
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  • We are the suppliers, distributors, traders, Importer, exporter of Analog Inductive Sensor.

    Make: Carlo Gavazzi, Italy
    Xecro , Germany
    Selet , Italy

    These sensors with analog output are able to measure precisely distances to metal objects. They are ideal for positioning, distance measurement and metal classification, or comparable applications. Analog current or voltage outputs are available with extended sensing distances in sizes ranging from M8 to M30.

    All inductive sensors with analog output are perfectly linearized between zero distance and the maximum Sn. Due to the precise digital calibration of every single sensor during the production, there is almost no device-to-device variation — even between sensors of different production lots.

    Sensor diameter Measuring distance Mounting
    M8 4 mm semi-flush
    M8 6 mm non-flush
    M12 8 mm semi-flush
    M12 10 mm non-flush
    M18 12 mm semi-flush
    M18 20 mm non-flush
    M30 20 mm semi-flush
    M30 40 mm non-flush


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