InteliGen 200

Major Features

  • Multiple Island or Single Parallel to Mains applications
  • both in one controller
  • PLC support with PLC editor and monitor
  • Perfect solution for rental applications:
  • Rental timers
  • Geofencing and tracking via WebSupervisor*
  • Alternative configuration
  • Droop and Emergency droop
  • Load sharing and VAr sharing via CAN
  • Wide communication capabilities including
  • Integrated USB for configuration
  • Isolated RS485 port on board for MODBUS
  • Integrated USB Host for uploading/downloading
  • FW/Configuration with USB key
  • High accuracy of voltage and current measurement
  • Cloud-based monitoring and control
  • Active SMS and emails in different languages*
  • Up to 5 languages in the controller
  • Configurable MODBUS


  • Multiple island or single parallel to MAINS


IntelGen 200 is comprehensive genset synchronizing controller compatible with Electronics engine and for remote monitoring.


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