LiCAP’s Ultracapacitor & Li-ion capacitor

Major Features

  • Nominal Voltage: 2.7V and 3V
  • Low Internal Resistance and High Power Density
  • Wide operating temp range, – 40 to + 65 Dig C
  • Good Low Temperature Performance
  • IP54 & IP65 protection as per model
  • One Million Cycles Lifetime
  • Passive cell voltage management & Reserve polarity protection is inbuilt.
  • Maximum string voltage capability available is 500V.


  • Start-Stop system (micro/mild hybrid) : Ultracapacitors ensure vehicle engine restarting is faster, reliable, smoother & with less vibrations. Lesser pollution, extended battery life & improved driving experience are added advantages.
  • Hybrid Energy Storage System (HESS) : Ultracapacitors works in conjunction with battery & protects it by taking load spikes. UCs meet harsh energy requirements during acceleration and regenerating braking ensuring improved vehicle performance and extended battery life.
  • Regenerative braking system: Energy transfer during braking and acceleration exists for very short time. Only Ultracapacitors can respond so quickly to capture, store & release such energy ensuring optimum efficiency and maximum performance of the system.


Ultracapacitors (UCs) & Li-ion capacitor are manufactured by LICAP Technologies Inc, USA using patented technologies. Nowadays Ultracapacitors are been used widely in EV’s and HEV’s. Longer life, no maintenance, low life-cycle cost, high C-rates, high power density, withstands repeated charge-discharge cycles without degradation also make it advantageous over conventional batteries.


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