M8 Housing Inductive Sensor

Cable 2 m, PVC
Brand carlo gavazzi, Xecro, Selet
Sensing distance 1,5 mm or 2,5 mm
Protection Short-circuit
Power supply 10 to 30 V DC
Output Transistor NPN/PNP, make or break switching
Indication LED
Housing Stainless steel
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  • We are the suppliers, traders, Importers, exporters, distributors of M8 Housing Inductive proximity Sensor Long Body, M8 Housing Inductive Sensor.of various brandsInductive proximity sensor with long body. Output configuration for NPN/PNP with both NO and NC types as standard. M8 stainless steel housing with 2 m PVC cable or M8/M12 plug.
  • Brands :
  • Carlo gavazzi, italy
  • selet, italy
  • xecro, germany


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