Metal, Plastic Pan Globe Temperature Controller

Display Type Digital
Brand Pan Globe
Type Temperature Controller
Measurement Range 4 to 20 m
Material Metal, Plastic


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  • High control accuracy at the maximum of +/- 1C
  • Double PID control functions, BI-Mode output;
  • Multi-input, capable of selecting 56 kinds of different input type;
  • A variety of output modes to greatly meed many requirements for load control;
  • Capable of selecting PV (measurement value) or SV (set value) 4~20m
    A transmission output functions;
  • Capable of selecting external remote control set value functions, which can be used for multiple unit synchronous setup;
  • Output percentage restriction function and manual/automatic non-disturbance switching;
  • Automatic diagnosis function, capable of displaying information on any failures;
  • Capable of selecting this Rs 485 communication function.

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: P904


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