Motion Radar Sensor

Supply Voltage 12 / 24 V AC/DC
K-Band 24.125 GHz
Detection mode Direction
Detection type Vehicle and/or person
Output Changeover relays
Brand BEA
Model/Type Eagle one
Voltage 12-24VAC
Temperature less than 20dBm EIRP
Detecting Angle 0 deg to 90 deg
Detection Motion Speed 2 in per sec
Current Rating In Amps 1A
Brand Carlo-Gavzzi,selet,Xecro,Takex,Microsonic
Detecting Height 6 ft to 13 ft
Mounting Height 6ft to 13ft




  • The Motion Radar Sensors is a digital unidirectional long range motion radar sensor, operating in the K-band (24.125GHz), for trouble-free opening of all types of automatic doors.
  • It can be adapted to any application without additional accessories and can also be set up and controlled by infrared remote control.
  • Mounting height up to 7m (23ft) to detect vehicles or persons, moving towards or away from the sensor. The sensor, based on microwave detection, works on echo doppler signal to detect movements


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