Orion BMS2

Major Features

  • • Monitors every cell voltage in series
  • • Field programmable and upgradeable
  • • Intelligent cell balancing (efficient passive balancing)
  • • Enforces min. and max. cell voltages
  • • Enforces maximum current limits
  • • Enforces temperature limits
  • • Professional and robust design
  • • Diagnostics
  • • Data logging
  • • Monitors state-of-charge
  • • Retains lifetime data about battery history
  • • Integration with 3rd party smartphone apps (Torque, EngineLink) and external displays


  • All types of Electric & Plug-in Hybrid vehicles equipped with Lithium-Ion battery.
  • Click on link for brochure –
  • http://www.madhura.net/brochure_pdf/135_Orion%202%20Technical%20Specifications.pdf


Orion BMS2 is lithium ion battery management system suitable for Electric & Hybrid vehicles. BMS2 is compatible with almost all lithium-ion cells. Provides integrated support for J1772 charging stations& also works with J1772 proximity & pilot signals. BMS2 Supports CHAdeMO DC fast charging protocol


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