Selet Namur A01AN Sensor

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Number
Max Pressure 1000 bar
Voltage 3-24vcc/vdc
Temperature -25degcel to +75degcel
Sensing Distance 5mm – 50mm
Operating Temperature -20 to 80 deg C
Model Number A01AN5V6
Series Name A01
Brand Selet


  • We are the suppliers, traders, Importers, exporters, dealers & distributors of Selet Make Inductive Proximity Ring Sensor.>1-3-5-10-15-20-30-44-63-100 hole diameters
    >Plastic housing
    >Cable Output
    >PNP-NPN 3 Wire NO-NC

    Additional Information:

          Item Code: A01AN10PO


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