Takex Through Beam sensor

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Number
Voltage V 12-24V DC +/-10percent Ripple 10percent or less
Working Temperature -25 – +55C (non-freezing)
Sensing Distance 10m
Light Type Red LED 700nm
Brand Takex
Output NPN open collector output
Current Transmitter 23mA or less Receiver 18mA or less




Ultra Compact for built-in use Embedded Amplifier Photo sensor
>Ultra-compact size used for built-in use for over 25 years
>Various types such as head-on, wide diffuse reflective,high power or convergent reflective
>M3 threaded screw can be used for all models
>Water resistance complying with IP67
Stability output is included standard
>High-power light transmitting business cards: GT1SN, GT1N
>Long detecting distance of 10 m: GT3RSN
>High-performance detection at a short distance: GS5SN, GS5N
>Less affected by background: limited reflection type
>Easy light axis alignment: red LED type


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