Viscolite Portable Viscometer

Range 0 to 10,000 cP
Repeatability Better than 1%
Temperature –20 to+120 °C
Minimum Sample 100cc (100ml)
Probe Weight 700g
Display Unit Weight 500g
Environmental Rating IP65
Overall Length 305mm (standard)
Power Supply 4 x AA (or equivalent) alkaline cells
Features Integral temperature probe and viscosity correction


  • Viscosity measurement in tough conditions calls for a tough viscometer. That’s why the Viscolite portable viscometer, with its solid stainless steel probe, is used extensively on factory floors in a huge range of industries.
  • Remember – simply dip and read. No messy sample extraction and all the time and errors that involves. Now it only takes a moment to measure viscosity at the actual location where product is present.
  • The Viscolite can take the expected knocks but also deliver the sensitivity and accuracy you require where you need it. Whatever your business – inks, oils, food, chemicals – you’ll find the Viscolite indispensable for keeping on top of product viscosity around the factory.


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