Industrial Automation is something that you can take advantage of, isn’t it right? This is a field which is growing at a faster pace than any other technology. From the lighting of your house to big industry labor work, everything is operated by smart machines. That’s why Leelavati Automation Pvt. Ltd works day-by-day to provide quality of work along with reducing the errors. Alongside, safety, productivity, and flexibility also increase with Automation.


When you are stepping into the future, it is also important that you also have the vision for it. The time is gone when humans have to do everything with their hands. Now, the electronic and electrical components have come up with various solutions in building, manufacturing, and energy-saving areas. As it is pretty clear that Automation has become a viable need for various industries, it is crucial that manufacturers choose the best quality machines for the job. Founded on 15 August 1990, Leelavati Automation has been providing unparalleled knowledge and experience to the clients.


Leelavati Automation Pvt. Ltd. maintains a quality management system which is established, documented, and well-implemented to ensure that the products and services are of top-class. Following the standard of ISO 9001:2015 International Standard Requirements, this Home and Building Automation Company fulfill every promise made to the customers and still works harder to improve the existing technology in the market.

We Provide Customized Solution